All geared up for a killer session in the gym? You want to feel like a beast full of energy, but eating the wrong foods near the go-time can actually ruin your workout and set your training back in a huge way.

According to Jim White, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Putting the wrong things in your tank before you exercise can leave you lethargic, crash your system, or cause wicked cramps,”. He further adds “And going on empty can do the same.”

So don’t turn your cardio or weight session into failure even before starting it. Let us know, the biggest pre-workout diet mistakes that we make.

Worst foods for pre workout

1) Fast Food

fast foodsFast food is packed with sugar and fat, such as fries, burger buns, pizzas, sandwiches and muffins. So, this might mean energy, but it isn’t the one your body needs. You might get a kick from the sugar and the enormous increase of calories, but that will wear off sooner than you realize. While high-fat diet can take up more time to digest, which will gravely slow you down.

“All your blood is flowing to your stomach to help with digestion, which means it’s moving away from your muscles when they need it most” says White.

2) Energy Drink

Energy DrinkNow we have known for long that a little pre-workout caffeine can fire you up. The problem is that these energy drinks also have tons of workout-crashing sugar and are carbonated as well. All they will do is to make you crash and burn and will cause dehydration. In addition to this, they will also cause bloating, gas and fatigue that will greatly risk your performance.

“The high amounts of caffeine in many of these drinks can really wreck your sleeping habits, setting off a vicious cycle,” says White. “Because when you don’t get enough sleep, your workouts and diet suffer, too.”

3) Raw Eggs

raw eggsThere is protein in raw eggs, but it should be made clear that there is more digestible protein in cooked eggs. As far as energy is concerned, eggs are not the best foods to eat. Eggs are a very good source of lean protein but they lack the carbs required to fuel an intense sweat session. Also, protein takes longer to digest, an omelet can weigh you down if consumed just before workout.

4) High Fibre Diet

high fibreAny high fibre food like flax seeds, beans, porridge, nuts, pulses will make your digestive system work and can leave you feeling bloated and farting around, which definitely isn’t a great thing when you’re pounding on the treadmill.

5) Dairy Products

Dairy productsDairy products are great for your breakfast, but certainly milk is not the best drink before a workout. Even if you aren’t lactose intolerant, dairy products can leave you with an upset and rumbling stomach once you start working out. It will make you feel heavy in your stomach, which will further make it difficult for you to workout.

Anecdotal reports also suggest that drinking milk before workout can make you sluggish and sleepy, eventually destroying your chances of pushing yourself to do an extra rep. This is likely due to the insulin spike it causes.

So, get the right fuel to feel the right burn!