We all are well aware of the mayhem created around weight loss. There are numerous tricks that may look alluring enough to be tried, but when it comes to your body, uttermost care needs to be taken. One weight loss trend famous for quite some time now is protein shakes and the effective manner in which they help you to lose weight.

Why are protein powders helpful?

Protein powders are helpful due to many factors. The biggest reason is that when our body gets ample of protein, its nutritional deficiencies start diminishing.

Weight gain in a majority of cases is due to this nutritional deficit of the body and can be the main issue as to why you may be unable to lose weight.

Secondly, proteins are the building blocks of our body. Muscles tend to burn more calories than fat. And this is helpful if you want a sustainable weight loss.

Proteins help increase metabolism and satiation level of our body, which not only helps in burning calories and keeping you energised but also leads to lesser cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Different types of protein powders – There are many varieties of protein powders available in the market which you can consume as per your need. These range from whey to soy to animal to plant proteins. They all come in powdered form and therefore can be consumed with milk, water or even juice. Good brands manufacture these powders and there are various recipes available for you to make them at home as well.

On an average, an adult body needs 1 gram of protein per kg body weight. Hence, if you are 60 kgs, you will require 60 grams of protein every day. It is also important to remember that at once, only 30 grams of protein can be digested by your body and any range above this will only come out without being utilised.

Important note: Remember to not overindulge in protein powders as many are synthetic proteins which can harm your body in the long run. Also, make an informed choice in deciding which ones to buy.

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