An active lifestyle is a great fitness resource for everyone to stay healthy for longer time. It can drastically improve flexibility and mobility of weak bones and wearing muscles. It also reduces pain and improve healing process. A regular exercise have positive contribution in diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, arthritis, difficulty walking or balance problem and helps to reduce the risk of developing any disease, or any ongoing health problem and disability.

Being active also have positive impact on mental health. There are so many ways to be active either for the short timespan or the whole day depending on the specific time and day of the week. We can accommodate some routine exercises in our busy life just for the sake of our own health.

How do routine exercises help?

A short gym workout or various light exercises at home or 30-minutes brisk walk can help us enormously in many ways most importantly they galvanize various brain chemicals that may leave us feeling happier, stress free and more relaxed. When we exercise on regular basis, we start feeling better about ourself which indirectly improves our self-esteem and boost confidence. Apart from this, exercises such as arm raises – helps to strengthen shoulder, chair stands – strengthen stomach and thigh muscles, knee flaxation for knee and biceps or triceps extensions for arm’s strength, repair muscles, speed up metabolism and stabilize blood sugar level.

Other vital exercises such as side leg raises, hip flaxation and extention comes in the category of balance exercises are good for strengthening muscles of legs, thighs and hips and also helps to balance the body and prevent falls, specially for the old age people along with this we can also add some stretching exercises for more freedom of movement and at the same time it would be worthwhile to include some endurance exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, biking, rock-climbing, raking leaves and hiking to boost our stamina but in any case never forget to check with your doctor before starting exercise.

Whether you are just starting out or fit enough or starting the exercise regime again after the long break, routine exercises are basic requirements for everyone’s health – young to old.

Remember that It doesn’t hurt to be little more active to keep yourself living and smiling.