Some Popular back Workout you can do at gym which really helpful for build V-shape back. Building a great back is tricky business, mainly due to it not being a mirror muscle worked. This can make for lack of mind-muscle connection and overall lack of muscular development.Here I have mention below top 5 V-shape Back Workout.

1: LAT PULL DOWN [ 4×10-15]

lat pull-downs will be extraordinarily helpful to make higher body strength, mass, and keep your shoulders healthy.the skeletal muscles additionally act as terribly powerful spinal stabilisers for posture throughout exercises like squats and dead-lift , additionally as different athletic movement. gratuitous to mention, having a robust back is essential to overall strength and fitness.

Technique Tips to do LAT PULL DOWN

Keep your chest tall/bring your chest to the bar
Keep your elbows pointed straight down
Squeeze your lats/think of pulling from your armpits
Lower to your chin or just below
Grab just outside your shoulders or a little wider
Also try using the ‘V-grip’ handle

2: Single arm dumbbell row [ 4×10-15]

Single arm dumbbells leave a extended vary of motion, in addition because the ability to use intense focus to every facet of your back. For best results, you’ll wish to schedule each for normal appearances in your workouts. dumbbell row is reception either as associate or exercise or an supportive move. you’ll get laid too soon during a back exercising and go serious, down within the 5-to-8–rep vary, or put it aside till later during a exercising and approach it as a detail exercise, going lighter for a lot of overall reps.

3:T- Bar Row [ 4×10-15]

It is an another exercise to get V-shape back .T-bar row is a multi-joint exercise that increases strength throughout the upper body with an emphasis on the back and shoulders.T-bar row is performed in the same manner as a barbell row. which is a straight bar that attaches to a pivoting bracket at one end. The other end of the bar has handles for you to grab on a cross bar, which gives it its characteristic T-shape.
Benefits : -work all the major muscles in your back
– it help to stabilize your body
-Also work your shoulders and the pulling muscles in your arm

4: Dead Lift [ 4×10-15]

How to do Deadlift Exercise at gym [steps]
-Begin the movement by positioning hands shoulder width apart on bar starting from floor – one palm under, one over.
-Keeping your back flat and lifting with your legs, exhale whilst pulling bar into top position situated right at waistline.
-Squeeze shoulder blades together for 1 second hold.
-Slowly exhale and bend knees to lower weight back to starting position.
Benefits of Deadlift
-Improved posture
-stronger lumbar and increased power and explosiveness

5: Rear Pull Down

Rear Pull Down Exercise helps to strengthens the middle back, deltoids (shoulders), biceps and forearms as secondary muscle groups.this is exercise very important because Exercising your back, especially your lats, will broaden it and give your body width, improving your overall appearance.
As a Beginners, do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps. Furthermore, you will try to increasing the weight for each set and lowering the reps in a pyramid style down to 6-8 reps.

Some Other Popular Exercise You can do at gym which really helpful or building body muscle and better body posture.