This is because a woman’s body is not filled with high levels of testosterone which helps in the formation and reconstruction of muscle fibers. Therefore, muscular training is less likely to show your muscle.

Weight Gain Tips For Girls

Headstand or Sirshasana

This is the most common yoga weight gain technique that is recommended for girls who are thin. This often helps to relax the highly active body. This exchange also enhances the digestive tract and increases the muscle elasticity.



Yoga is extremely beneficial for thyroid problems. Therefore, health care practitioners also recommend Matsyaasan or fish poison which excludes stomach muscles and increases manifold absorption in the body.


Free Weight Practice at the gym

Under the guidance of a professional trainer, free weight can be exercised. It stimulates muscle fibers. Some free weight hand exercises for women who can help them gain pounds are French press, triceps kickbacks, and overhead tricycles extensions.

free weight exercises

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Dumbbell squats

Dumbel squats can be difficult for girls but can help them to build solid foundations for extra pounds.

Dumbbell squats

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Straight leg deadlifts

The practice helps to strengthen the lower part and helps you to get a pound. Girls should start with a lightweight to ensure that they are practicing properly and later.

Straight leg deadlifts

Decide and focus on building one area of your body at a time. It has legs, waist, shoulders or stomach; Make sure that each part of your body is worked properly. It is important to stress and builds your muscles until you are out of your comfort zone.

Always go for the exercise of weight gain under the strict guidance of a professional gym instructor. The repetition of the set is required which changes according to the type of individual body.

Many girls throw a lot of money in the gym and do not see any results because the body is not aware of what is right and what is not.