Winters are here and here to stay. Gearing up for winters is something that most of us look forward to but another concern that we need to take care of this season is that we stay fit and healthy as the season gets chilling with every passing month.

Whenever you go through a magazine seeing the svelte model jogging on the beach wearing skimpy clothes, it sends chills down your spine and makes you envious to get rid of those lose love handles immediately. But what if the climate plays a spoil sport? and does not let you burn those calories at least not that easily as you do in summers. Winters are here again! And in this winter it gets extremely hard to burn even the slightest of calorie. We have made your task easier. We have specifically laid down the go to options in order to shed the unwanted fat with much ease. You need to go an extra mile in order to keep yourself at bay from harmful diseases and a close eye on your body mechanism in order to get quick results without deteriorating your health condition further more. With changing way of living one thing that is found most common and prevalent in all ages is the increasing lifestyle diseases. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the primary step you can take towards it. The best diets not only keeps you fit and healthy in winters but also plays a significant role in losing extra kilo successfully that too in the freezing cold winter.

Lose weight in this winter by following a balanced eating plan which is vital for keeping your mind and body in place with much enthusiasm and peace intact. In order to shed weight one must remember that the number of calories consumed must be lower than the number of calories burned.

Weight loss tips

Certain weight loss tips that can easily switch onto are as follows:

  • Take time to catch your breath and relax a midst never-ending deadlines and heavy household chores. By taking out time for yourself you are less likely to over indulge at soirée.
  • It is recommended you to take small meals (5-6 times) in order to stop yourself from starving and leading way to gastritis and such.
  • Many individuals are diagnosed with SAD i.e Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder makes them feel an all time low, with no mood at all to socialize and be a couch potato all day long. It further makes them gorge into food every now and then. It also makes them crave for sweets and carbs.

It is imperative that you prevent yourself from cold and flu season by adhering to the laid down measures:

  • Improve your immunity this winter by taking fresh food such as green leafy vegetables. You can also boost immunity by taking a quality vitamin such as Garlic, Vitamin C, Zinc.
  • Eat well: As winter sets in, one gets numerous food cravings to indulge into. A number of guilty pleasures hover around your mind that perturbs your daily living. It is highly advised to incorporate fully vegetable soups and stews that sets your metabolism going this winter. It is also recommended to eat winter fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, beet root, green leafy vegetables etc.

Some dietitians even suggest that consuming dry fruits is good for health and keep the body warm from within.

Management of weight

Ignoring physical exertion along with vegetable rich salads is extremely foolish and leads to weight gain immensely. It is not necessary that the weight gain may not be much but it must be noted that weight gain does not happen in a wink of eye. It is an aftermath of days of consuming unhealthy food which results in weight put on. It is very intelligent to cover those prominent tires under layers of clothing. Hitting the gym or joining zumba (dance lessons) or swimming classes is the thing to swear by. It is a myth associated with losing weight in the winters which is that you lose no weight or the amount of kilo you lose is less. The fact is that we overeat in winters and are less active which automatically increases your weight count.

Another significant measure is that you sleep well. As per various studies eight hours sleep is best required for an active brain. It is better to avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other substances can affect the quality of your sleep. Regular, daily exercise, relaxation techniques aids in establishing regular sleep that aids in fast weight loss.